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MPS - Mental Performance Systems, Ltd is a global organization, with consultants, partners and affiliates established in England, Portugal, Brazil, Equator, Spain, Colombia, Paraguay, United States and Japan.

We own and manage two institutes: the Instituto da Inteligência for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and the European Intelligence Institute for the rest of the world. Both institutes cover a wide spectrum of human sciences  namely psychology, education, vocational and academic counselling, entrepreneurship and the promotion of executive intelligence, creativity and talent.

We’re not restricted to academic training and the initial science, we believe there are more paths to explore. We’re well away from the starting line; we know more today than we did yesterday and we want to know much more tomorrow.

This may mean that we have to confront the deconstruction of our existing knowledge, rather than dismissing it. We don’t want to preclude ideas  because of prejudices or arrogance but to embrace new visions of the human landscape, with further reading and perspectives that reinforce knowledge even if, in a first instance, this  raises questions and doubts in society.

We like to exercise the art of question.  We discard everything that doesn’t fit our ideaology: the holistic knowledge,  acceptanting those who think differently,  but rejecting imposing visions that we judge to be overly rigid and are distorted from human reality.

We repudiate the dictators of knowledge so fashionable these days. our masters are as much the great philosophers of the old age as todays great scientists, intellectuals and thinkers of the 20th and 21st century.
We work with an open mind, always looking to learn more, travelling the world to find new possibilities of self development and reinforcement in our personality. We face change as something positive and constructive.
MPS works at the world’s pace!
European Intelligence Institute
Center for the Study of Strategic Intelligence
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